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Sage's New Version of Human Resources Management Solution Targets SMBs

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 1, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Sage HR Management releases version 7 targeting SMBs planning on integrating HR and finance with enhancements that include extended HR functionality, simplicity, flexibility and efficiency on HR processes.  

It is a robust and intuitive Human Resources Management solution made available as both a standalone product and module that integrates seamlessly with Sage ERP. It attempts to give HR managers control over the entire business performance and workforce costs for a stronger engagement with employees.

Sage HR Management automates processes such as payroll, hiring, on-boarding and retaining talent and provides HR managers with a global, accurate real-time view of HR budget, workforce costs and performance, enabling faster, better-informed operation decisions. It also takes care of compliance requirements as well as higher employee retention and engagement; employee development with quicker access to skills and performance information.

The version 7 of the solution helps in automating back office processes while HR departments obtain time efficiency on administrative tasks and managing compliance. The launch further bolsters the suite of HR management solutions offered by Sage and completes the Sage ERP X3 business suite for the mid-sized enterprise.

“Getting the complete picture, in one simple user-friendly view not only offers managers a streamlined approach to analysis and reporting, it also empowers them to be more self-sufficient and make more informed decisions to drive future business success,” says Jayne Archbold, CEO of Sage Mid-Market. 

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