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Saggezza Proffers Intelligent Analytics Platform for Standard Bank and Trust Company

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Steven D. Simpson, SVP-Financial Institution Solutions, Saggezza

Steven D. Simpson, SVP-Financial Institution Solutions, Saggezza

CHICAGO, IL: The Data Analytics platform provider Saggezza has affirmed about rendering its proprietary, highly configurable analytics product—TruVantage—for Standard Bank and Trust Company. The platform encompasses sophisticated modules and intelligible dashboards to help banks gain institution-wide business perspective and revenue-driven actionable insights. The software achieves this feat by leveraging big data from loan origination, general ledger and other core sources to generate informed business decisions and greater competitive advantage. The software also promotes timely, trustworthy and relevant insights, apart from making it easier for banks to ingest, correlate, compute, store and visualize the complete customer information.

“We observed a trend where big banks were getting bigger by using refined analytics to effectively target the customers of smaller banks,” said Steven D. Simpson, SVP-Financial Institution Solutions, Saggezza. The smaller banks were left playing catch up. “With a continued zeal to bridge this gap, we strived to develop an analytical product that securely digs deep into bank’s data to offer several clues on—who the most profitable customers are, what to sell them next, and how to retain them.” Resultantly, today, Saggezza is entirely capable of supporting Standard Bank and Trust to identify the highest-performing initiatives and develop best-practices in business.

“Keeping in mind the end goal to providing first class services and products, we perceived the significance to improve the way we collaborate and speak with our customers,” says Matthew Dana, Executive Vice President – Consumer Banking at Standard Bank and Trust Company. “We picked Saggezza's TruVantage for its capability to empower our establishment to change our working model, ceaselessly enhance customer encounters and assets, and at last develop our business.”