Salesforce Empowers Companies to Enhance Agent Productivity in Delivering Better Customer Service

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 30, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Salesforce, a customer relationship management (CRM) company, introduces new service cloud lightning console and Service Wave Analytics App to allow companyagents deliver smart and fast customer service across every channel.

The key features of Service cloud Lightening Console and Service Wave Analytics App include:

Service Cloud Lightning Console:Service Cloud, a customer service and support platform, enables companies to transform their Service organizations and deliver exceptional customer service experiences. Built on the Salesforce1 Platform, the new Service Cloud Lightning Console has been designed to raise agent productivity.

The key features include:

Enhancing Agent Productivity: The new Lightning Console enhances agent productivity by providing everything they need at their fingertips like creating new contacts, registering products and processing returns without losing the context of the interaction or needing to switch screens.

Boosts Agent Intelligence: Agents can apply more intelligence to resolve cases using the new console. Its productive tools help agents by suggesting relevant knowledge articles, macros and recommended actions from similar cases in reference tothe present case.

Allocation of Right Work to Right Agent: The Lightning Console helps managers to keep transparency into what work has been assigned to which agents and the capacity of each agent. Using such data, managers can push specific work to the most appropriate agents for better customer service.

Providing New Ways of Connecting with Customers: The SalesforceLightning Console lets service teams tocreate modern and service-specific apps. In combination with Lightning Experience, Design System, Components and App Builder, the console empowers companies to use Salesforce Lightning and Components from the AppExchange to extend Service Cloud with any app they want.

Service Wave Analytics App:

Powered by Wave Platform, Salesforce launched Analytics cloudthat empowers business users to explore any data and uncover new insights on any device. By extending its Analytics Cloud portfolio with the Service Wave Analytics Apps, the company aims to provide service teams with deeper and more actionable insights to help service agents and leaders in optimizing channels, improving efficiency and addressing emerging trends.

The key functions of Service Wave Analytics app include:

Performance Analytics for Service Leaders:Using data provided by pre-configured templates on average customer handling time, customer satisfaction and first call resolution, service leaders can keep a track of team’s performance. The app is connected to Service Cloud workflows and records so managers can instantly assign a task, escalate a case, update a ticket or share best practices right within the Service Wave App.

Complete Customer Insight: The analytics dashboards from Service Wave can be integrated directly into the Lightning Console to give every service agent an instant 360-degree view of the customer right where they work, taking agent productivity to new heights. An agent talking to a customer and reviewing their service case in the Lightning Console will have both traditional customer and case history data alongside Wave insights on similar cases right at their fingertips to deliver fast and efficient service. A personal scorecard will be given to agents to track their performance in comparison to their peers and identify top performing colleagues who can share best practices.

Exploration of Service Cloud: Service Wave's integration with Salesforce enables every service professional explore Service Cloud data including other customer service systems such as call logs, chat history, computer telephony integration (CTI) data and web clicks. By exploring this data, teams can create custom dashboards and lenses to quickly diagnose problems and re-allocate service resources. For insights on operational data, a service leader need not to wait for an analyst or spend time cross-referencing static spreadsheets to determine the correlation between an outdated knowledge article and lengthy case resolution times for a specific product.

To help companies transform how they connect to their customers with exceptional customer service, the company recently announces Service for Apps to enable any company to easily embed customer service directly into mobile apps. With Service for Apps, which is in private Beta stage, companies can deliver on a connected experience with instant, personalized support along with  offering multi-channel support within apps including Chat for Apps, Tap-to-Call for Apps, Knowledge for Apps or Cases for Apps. Salesforce’s Omni-Channel Intelligent Routing and Salesforce SOS for Apps allow live video chat with a customer service agent that can be embedded anywhere.

The company’s Service for Apps enables any company to easily embed customer service directly into mobile apps. With Service for Apps which is currently in testing stage, companies can offer multi-channel support within apps including Chat for Apps, Tap-to-Call for Apps, Knowledge for Apps or Cases for Apps. Salesforce’s Omni-Channel Intelligent Routing and Salesforce live video chat with a customer service agent has taken customer experience to a progressive level.