Salesforce Partners with Box to Complement Each Others Strengths

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 6, 2016

REDWOOD CITY, CA: Salesforce recently announced its partnership with Box which would allow Salesforce customers to access the content from Box directly without the need to switch across applications.

The collaboration involves two parts. The first one Salesforce Files Connect for Box is a plug-in that directly integrates Box inside Salesforce across devices from smartphones to computers, allowing users to access and share Box files as an element of their usual working. Box will continue to handle file-access permission and security and all of the underlying behaviour in the same way as working inside the stand-alone Box application except it’s built right into the Salesforce interface.

The second one Box SDK for Salesforce is a software development kit that aids developers on the platform to create applications that embed Box content management features inside the application.

In the 1990’s, when companies purchased proprietary on-premises enterprise software, data sharing between applications would prove to be a significant challenge. Cloud has made it easier for companies to easily collaborate, which ends up being happy tidings for customers.

When Salesforce works with other companies, the partnership makes sense for the cloud CRM vendor as it makes life easier for its customers. “By integrating the two products, you can put the content where the customer needs it. It unlocks it across the ecosystem,” Mike Stone, Salesforce SVP of marketing for Community Cloud as reported by Ron Miller for TechCrunch.

The Box SDK for Salesforce is already available on GitHub. Salesforce plans to roll out the other piece in February with a target release date sometime next year.