Salesforce Takes over PredictionIO to Expand its Machine Learning Functionality
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Salesforce Takes over PredictionIO to Expand its Machine Learning Functionality

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Salesforce in its latest venture has acquired PredictionIO for developing advanced technology in the field of machine learning and big data analytics. PredictionIO is a Palo Alto based startup company that designed an open source based machine-learning server. Salesforce plans to leverage on PredictionIO platform to develop machine-learning capability according to the SalesforceIQ program. The co-founders of PredictionIO Thomas Stone, Kenneth Chan and Donald Szeto will join Salesforce to fulfill the technological need of Salesforce.

PredictionIO is known as the MySQL for machine learning. The technologies evolved by the company drives on open source platform and are freely available for all users.  PredictionIO assets will remain as it is even after the Salesforce acquisition. It makes the technology easily available and affordable for the developers who want to develop products based on machine learning. It means that any developer can use and modify the software designs of the company for application building that too without any cost. Salesforce is not planning for any paid enterprise edition in the near future.

“Being a part of Salesforce will give us an amazing opportunity to continue building our open source machine learning platform on a much larger scale,” Simon Chan, CEO and co-founder, PredictionIO.

The acquisition will meet Salesforce requirements to increase its data analyzing and predictive analysis capabilities. It is the 36th company acquired by Salesforce. Previously they acquired MinHash also a machine learning company, RelateIQ a Customer relationship program company and Tempo Al a smart calendar startup company. Various technologies of PredictionIQ will help Salesforce clouds in upgrading the intelligence ability and will expand the machine learning capability of SalesforceIQ that automates the data input process and helps sales representatives.

“Over the past few years, we’ve been on a mission to scale and simplify development of machine learning technology,” Simon Chan, CEO and co-founder, PredictionIO. “What started as a passion project quickly grew into much more now with a community of more than 8,000 developers powering more than 400 apps. We’re so thankful for this community and the support you’ve given us.”

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