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Sam Hanna Joins Divurgent as Executive Vice President of Innovation and Consulting, and Chief Strategy Officer

By CIOReview | Monday, January 18, 2021

The appointment of a new Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer propels Divurgent as an organization to think even further outside the box to offer value to our clients through our solutions and products.

FREMONT, CA: Divurgent, an international IT consulting company, hires Sam Hanna, Ph.D., as the new Executive Vice President of Innovation and Consulting and Chief Strategy Officer. Sam comes to the firm as a respected leader in the healthcare transformation sector and brings cross-industry best practices to complement and further evolve Divurgent's solution portfolio. Sam's experience includes pioneering a healthcare practice and an incubator at PwC and serving as an executive advisor to several innovative companies in the healthcare, technology, and consulting space like Alphabet, Amazon, and several innovative startups the medical device and artificial intelligence landscape.

In the first three months of his work with the firm, Dr. Hanna has brought on strategic Executive Delivery appointments to strengthen its position as a pioneering consultative and advisory firm. Adam Tallinger, Vice President Provider Solutions, Chris Brownlee, Principal, and Bob Farrar, Payer Principal, came to the firm's delivery executives, Emily Carlson, Vice President Technology, and Brent Girardeau, Principal, to boost the firm's reputation for innovation, flexibility, and value in the sector.

At the top of a uniquely positioned consulting team, Dr. Hanna is a technology visionary. It has built a unique approach to bringing key industry best practices to lead organizations into the future. He will be a crucial player as Divurgent continues to drive innovation through its solutions across the complex healthcare industry and another sector. His academic, consulting, and entrepreneurship experience combined with his expertise in project management, business intelligence/analytics, business continuity, and system deployments align with Divurgent's existing and future goals.

Having Sam join the team has inspired and energized the team.  As part of his role with the firm, Dr. Hanna will lead the design and development of Divurgent's solutions and improve both consultants and clients' experience. Still, he will also, as Chief Strategy Officer, play an essential role in the firm's future direction and investment strategies.

Besides, Hanna's enthusiasm for business intelligence and analytics bolsters Divurgent's approach to offering data-driven decision making for its clients.