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By CIOReview | Thursday, March 2, 2017

BOSTON, MA: For more than six years, the Software Asset Management Strategies (SAMS) conference by we.CONECT is Europe’s leading knowledge exchange platform for software asset management and IT procurement. Now it’s coming to the U.S., bringing together more than 150 software asset managers and IT procurement managers from America’s top companies. The SAMS will be the first and only conference that is free of mega-vendors and accountants.

Many companies struggle for an operative management of licenses instead of deriving benefits from a proactive strategic software asset management. At the same time, the continuous modification of licensing models and technology changes like virtualization, cloud and as a service solutions or enterprise mobility produce new additional challenges to the SAM of most companies. SAMS USA is the place to share ideas, learn from the best, improve SAM and reduce software costs. Using the we.CONECT Multi-Touchpoint Networking approach, the SAMS USA 2017 is a combination of distinguished expert keynotes and well-moderated, interactive World Café sessions, intensive discussion rounds and various networking sessions that focus on approaches, processes, and tools for legally compliant management of software assets and licenses.

Check out why you have to attend SAMS USA 2017:

1) Gain insights into the practical everyday SAM at leading companies in the US
2) Discuss the challenges of SAM with regard to the complexity of virtualized and cloud environments
3) Explore useful processes and tools
4) Discover latest trends in IT Procurement
5) Learn how to move beyond software compliance and to move on from an operative software license management to a strategic SAM
6) Network with colleagues and exchange experiences about effective handling and proactive prevention of software audits
7) Expand your knowledge by attending sessions reflecting the licensing news from major publishers
8) Hear the latest insights in how to build up a highly effective new or improve your current SAM
9) See the latest innovation with regard to SAM Tools
10) Collaborate with the entire SAM ecosystem and explore the newest concepts, challenges & best practices

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