Samsung Integrates with Amazon Dash Replenishment; Toner Refills Made Lot more Easier

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ: Samsung Electronics America announces integration with Amazon Dash Replenishment. On signing up, consumers and small business are assigned to automatically receive toner refills from Amazon when existing supplies are running low.

The affiliation prevents  stressing on running out of toner and rushing to manually place an order or make a last-minute purchase. Dash Replenishment ensures that customers never run out of toner cartridge.

Andrew Sivori, Vice President, CE-IT Product Marketing at Samsung Electronics America notes that through this collaboration with Amazon and Amazon Dash Replenishment, customers never have to experience losing time or productivity due to an empty toner cartridge.

Customers can effortlessly sign up for Amazon Dash Replenishment at the sign up page and through Samsung’s Mobile Print app, which allows users to wirelessly print directly from their mobile devices. It also enables them to select the toner that is automatically ordered when a replacement is needed. The printer will later monitor toner levels over time, and before running out, an order is placed and shipped via Amazon.

“A Samsung printer using Dash Replenishment automatically orders toner when it’s needed, so customers don’t have to think or worry about how much is left and they won’t ever run out of the toner supplies needed to stay productive” asserts Daniel Rausch, Director, Amazon Devices . Samsung printers are known for its fast and high-quality output, and the integration with Amazon Dash Replenishment further enhances the caliber of the award-winning products.