Sand Marketing Systems, Leading Sales Consultancy, Selects Simplyon For Videoconferencing
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Sand Marketing Systems, Leading Sales Consultancy, Selects Simplyon For Videoconferencing

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Surrey, BC and Raleigh, NC - LiveSwitch announced that Eddie Sand, “The Sales Communicator” and founder of Sand Marketing Systems, selected SimplyOn by LiveSwitch as his firm’s videoconferencing platform of choice. 

Sand, a leading sales consultant, helps entrepreneurs develop transparency in their sales process, shorten their sales cycle and build deeper relationships with clients. His mission is to transform gritty sales calls into profitable conversations.

Sand selected SimplyOn for videoconferencing with his clients because of how simple it is to join calls on the platform and the ease of networking it provides.

“I attend virtual events almost weekly and it's overwhelming at times trying to initiate a personal connection,” said Eddie Sand, founder of Sand Marketing Systems. “Most times, participants are limited to what they can post in the chat area and often the host locks the chat so there's no way to share information,” Sand continued.

“After seeing the simplicity and personalization within SimplyOn, I made the switch immediately,” he said. “The 'MyWorld' area is genius because it opens conversations easily without the overwhelm of trying to find information on who I want to meet. I also love how easy it is to start a video call with SimplyOn; there are no software downloads or annoying sign ups required. With SimplyOn, my guests have an easy and fast entry to the video calls,” Sand added. 

SimplyOn, a simple video conferencing solution, requires no downloads, no guest registration and a single click to join a meeting from any browser or smart device. The platform’s MyWorld feature allows users to pin their pictures and interests to their profile to help break the ice quickly among newly-connected participants and to help attendees find common ground.

“Our team is elated to work with Eddie and Sand Marketing Systems to fulfill their videoconferencing needs through SimplyOn,” said Jerod Venema, CEO of LiveSwitch. “When we first developed SimplyOn, we conducted many, many focus groups across sectors to learn what people really want and need from their videoconferencing solutions and time and again we learned that people are looking for simplicity and connection, an easier way to build relationships virtually given the reduction in face to face meetings. As working with Eddie and his team demonstrates, the latter is especially true of entrepreneurs and people in business development, and we are fortunate to be seeing a lot of growth in those areas,” Venema added. 

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