Sandisk Unveils Version 3.8 of Flashsoft; Extends Support for Multiple PLatforms

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 5, 2015

FREEMONT, CA- SanDisk launches the latest version of FlashSoft 3.8 at Microsoft SQL Summit. This version of the software has updates for Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Hyper-V and Linux.

FlashSoft was initially designed to leverage tiny amounts of flash to speed-up Hard-Drive based workloads. Within most applications, for instance- a database, only a small amount of data is very active at any given instant. The idea is to re-size the flash so as to account for the percentage of active data and for the software to conveniently promote hot data to the flash cache. This is not just an economical solution but also prevents bottlenecks to improve performance. FlashSoft’s compatibility with any enterprise flash device is beneficial to firms running large database-driven applications on shared storage infrastructure.

Application Acceleration is one of the key benefits of the latest version making it easier for enterprises to accelerate application performance by diminishing storage latency and not disrupting the existing storage infrastructure. Moreover, it can be deployed on a server-by-server basis, paving way for incremental investment to accelerate workloads posing immediate requirement. Another feature is its Policy-based Caching which improves caching efficiency by permitting administrators to remove specific files from the cache.  The final feature, SAN Relief and Workload Density throws light on the software’s ability to reduce traffic on storage networks and storage systems which can in turn prolong the useful life of current storage investment. This feature also enables more workloads on accelerated hosts.