SAP Integrates Merchandise and Assortment Planning For A Shopper-Centric Approach to Merchandising

By CIOReview | Friday, January 22, 2016

FREMONT, CA: SAP announces the release of the SAP Merchandise Planning, a Retail Planning Software to enable retailers in planning sales, margin and inventory performance. SAP also updates the SAP Assortment Planning to allocate groups of products to assortment modules, and assign these modules to clusters.SAP is integrating the newly released retail planning software with the Assortment planning to provide a shopper-centric approach to merchandising.

The new integrated application runs on SAP Customer Activity Repository application powered by SAP HANA platform to bring together comprehensive, real-time performance metrics. The key functions of the integrated platform include: end-to-end support, location planning, get the right product mix, analyze & identify profit opportunities.

SAP Merchandise and Assortment planning use smart algorithms to provide metrics on every level of hierarchy and helps retailers to ensure that they have the right products at the right stores and helps to build perfect product mix that attracts shoppers. It also provides a simplified framework for fashion companies to simplify their planning process for large data volumes as well as real-time clustering of stores.

"The new SAP Merchandise Planning for Retail and updated SAP Assortment Planning for Retail are envisioned to allow retailers to simplify the planning process and take advantage of next-generation retail planning capabilities." says Lori Mitchell-Keller, general manager for Global Consumer Industries.