SAP to Resell SAP Hybris Digital Documents by OpenText

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 17, 2016

FREMONT, CA: OpenText a company providing Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions extends its global reseller agreement with SAP. As per the agreement, SAP will remarket OpenText’s SAP Hybris Digital Documents Application. This will help enterprises leverage one-on-one communications with customers across multiple channels and at every stage of business.

Unlike the traditional CRM software which merely collect and manage customer data, SAP Hybrid Digital Documents provide an integrated platform for digital content and communications. It is a solution that goes parallel with the SAP Hybris Digital Assets Management (DAM) application by Open Text. Establishing mutual consultations with customers is the key aspect of every omni-channel strategy and to achieve this, enterprises focus on digitizing their customer communications. SAP Hybrid Digital Documents enhance the big data insights, thereby providing businesses the capability to achieve an efficient and contextualized communication with customers. The entire layout is tightly integrated into the data and processes running on SAP Hybrid solutions and SAP HANA platform for analytics.

Apart from contextualizing customer interactions, it offers customer specific services in converting bills to digital customer communication channels with the SAP Hybris Billing solution; provides personalized store receipts, packing lists price tags and labels using SAP Hybris Commerce solutions; and configures individual and mass quotes and contracts.

“SAP Hybris Digital Documents offer the ability to deliver personalized and unified customer communication, a key element in driving relevant and consistent omni-channel engagement,” says Brian Walker, Chief Strategy Officer, Hybris. “Our customers can benefit from a simplified digital strategy that combines data and content tailored to each of their channels and audiences,” he adds.

The solution extensions by OpenText including the SAP Hybrid Digital Documents branch out of OpenText’s EIM strategy, consisting of integrated product suites such as Content Suite, Process Suite, Experience Suite, Discovery Suite, Information Exchange and Analytics.

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