Sapphire Mobile Eye App Efficiently Manages Wi-Fi Performance

By CIOReview | Monday, December 7, 2015

AKRON, OH: 7signal Solutions is a US-based network technology company with a mission to make wireless LAN networks work - reliably. Many IT departments still treat Wi-Fi like a second-class infrastructure asset despite the cultural shift towards mobility. Perhaps the reluctance to embrace Wi-Fi with open arms is due to the lack of visibility. With the emergence of Wi-Fi performance management systems, Wi-Fi no longer remains a mystery.

7signal Solutions, Inc., a network technology company that provides wireless performance optimization solutions for wireless LAN applications, recently developed Sapphire System, a unique Wi-Fi performance management system that allows to continuously monitor and proactively manage the end-user Wi-Fi experience. The Sapphire Mobile Eye mobile app, enables businesses to gather real-time Wi-Fi performance data from every corner of their network, directly from their users’ iOS and Android mobile devices. Distributing the Mobile Eye app to the mobile workforce, enables users to report on the Wi-Fi user experience everywhere-on the go and thus giving a network-wide visibility of Wi-Fi performance.

The App runs performance tests at pre-defined intervals, unnoticed, in the background, and uploads its results to Sapphire Cloud for analysis. It can also be used for on-the-spot troubleshooting. Users can run tests on-demand or periodically and see the result and history instantly. Mobile Eye complements fixed Sapphire Eye sensors deployed in high-density and mission-critical areas, by collecting data points from every nook and corner. Distributed enterprises with many small sites, now have an easy and economical way to get real-time visibility of their Wi-Fi user experience at any remote location. By the year 2018, it has been predicted that more than 50% of the users will be mobile first and Wi-Fi is already considered to be business critical in many industries from retail to healthcare.

"Sapphire Mobile Eye is the industry's first enterprise-class Wi-Fi performance measurement app for iOS and Android devices," states Jeff Reedy, President and CEO, 7signal.