SAS New Cybersecurity Software Prevents Attackers from Intrusions, Safeguarding Sensitive Data

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 4, 2015

FREMONT, CA: SAS announces a new software solution to meet the security challenges faced by organizations. SAS states that the biggest security threat encountered today is from the attackers who break into corporate networks and remains there for months undetected. The new software, SAS Cybersecurity, helps organizations to pull out such hidden undetected security breaches in the network in real-time thereby keeping the sensitive data. The solution enhances the existing cybersecurity integrations by providing an essential layer of business-relevant cyber analytics.

“SAS Cybersecurity can find hidden patterns in huge amounts of network data that indicate suspicious activity. This helps organizations across industries enhance their network defenses and safeguard precious customer, operational and financial data,” states Stu Bradley, Director of the SAS Security Intelligence Practice. “Cyber threats are among the biggest business challenges of our time. SAS’ new, powerful and analytics-driven approach will help organizations meet this challenge.”

SAS Cybersecurity caters to the organization’s requirements for actively monitoring and analyzing networks to detect anomalies caused by the attackers. This suspicious behavior is easily identified by tracking the machine-to-machine interactions on the network which keeps the solution up to date on the respective organization’s infrastructure and functions.

When an organization effectively monitors and analyzes all its network activity, and understands the business context of how a machine should behave, attackers’ behavior will stand out as suspicious or unusual compared to normal network activity. SAS Cybersecurity and its other Fraud & Security Intelligence solutions helps is customers to prevent fraudulence, achieve compliance and preserve security.

“Applying powerful analytics and adding business context to billions of network interactions each day, SAS Cybersecurity is both visionary and transformative technology,” points Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer of Ventana Research. “You only have to open a newspaper or click on a news site to know that cyber threats affect us all: businesses, governments and consumers. SAS Cybersecurity and its big data analytics foundation deliver an innovative approach to a thorny global challenge, and help protect organizations’ most valuable data assets.”