SAS Updates Digital Marketing Experience with Customer Intelligence 360

By CIOReview | Friday, April 29, 2016

FREMONT, CA: SAS, a marketing technology firm has launched SAS Customer Intelligence 360, a new product to its customer intelligence product-line. It works as an advanced digital marketing center that connects all channel data to assist customers in smart decision-making and it enhances customer experience.

"We built SAS Customer Intelligence 360 as an intuitive digital marketing hub that brings together all available data. It helps marketers meet customers' needs in real-time. For example, with integrated data at their disposal, a marketer can immediately send a personalized offer to a customer's smartphone when they're near a brick-and-mortar location," says Wilson Raj, Global Director, SAS Customer Intelligence.

The Customer Intelligence 360 by SAS is built with some updated features that help marketers in the successful interaction between the customers. SAS leveraged their analytic experience in building embedded analytical process to make digital marketers efficient and smarter. It is incorporated with self-learning algorithms and automatic segmentation, providing enhancements to the marketing interactions. SAS built 360 with Data Freedom functionality assists marketers in accessing their data from anywhere for making faster and better decisions. The company went past from websites and email by using the Omni-channel platform. It offer marketers a view of customer needs based on predictive analytics and past interactions. The Customer Intelligence 360 is also built with performance insights function to facilitate marketers in foreseeing the essential success measures.

The enhanced product comprises of two basic modules, SAS 360 Discover and SAS 360 Engage. The Discover module provides insights and reporting related to the mobile and web behavioral data for easy integration of customer information to go past web analytics. It is used to understand customer behavior while interacting with the brands. The Engage module allows customers to optimize, orchestrate, and create customer journeys. SAS plans to deliver Customer Intelligence 360 through the cloud by using SaaS and it will add new capabilities and modules throughout 2016.