Satisfi Labs Launches Bridge Workspace With Improved Live Escalation Capabilities.
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Satisfi Labs Launches Bridge Workspace With Improved Live Escalation Capabilities.

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 2, 2022

The workspace is the place where AI Assistants and human employees collaborate to communicate with visitors.

Fremont, CA: Satisfi Labs is a conversational AI platform that builds professional AI Assistants that interact with your customers by answering questions and carrying out transactions, all while collecting unique data. Contextual understanding and industry-specific shared knowledge are embedded into assistants. We enable two-way dialogue between the brand and the fan on chatbots, messaging apps, and voice assistants. Google, TechStars, Major League Baseball, and Flordia Funders have all made significant investments.

Satisfi Labs is a conversational AI platform for destinations & experiences, launched Bridge, providing enhanced live escalation solutions and enabling live agents and AI Assistants to collaborate as one team.

The Bridge workspace, designed to handle large live agent teams, allows live representatives to intervene in AI discussions and redirect inquiries to an AI Assistant. Conversations can get escalated via intent-based routing, which sends conversations to the appropriate team using Satisfi Labs' proprietary natural language processor (NLP). The same NLP may analyze live agent dialogues in order to supply new training data to present and future AI Assistants.

Satisfi Labs' conversational AI technology is the very first line of defense, answering over 95percent of customer questions and resulting in only 5 percent of conversations requiring a human representative. By properly steering interactions, live agents may focus on more difficult topics that produce revenue and boost customer happiness.

"At Satisfi Labs, we hope to bring together AI and human interaction in an efficient manner," said Don White, CEO and Co-founder of Satisfi Labs. "Our enhanced live escalation product on Bridge helps our current and future client-base increase satisfaction for their guests and with our AI in front, we make it possible for clients to handle the conversations that truly require a human conversation."