Satuit CRA v2.0 -The Latest Version of Client Report Automation Software

By CIOReview | Friday, November 13, 2015

BRAINTREE, MA: Satuit Technologies, who develops and markets CRM software for diverse markets announces the release of the upgraded version of their flagship product Satuit CRA v2.0

Satuit CRA 2.0 lets users to manage and automate the delivery statements, invoices and complex content. Customization of the report packages have been made easier with minimal clicks and features like creating and saving are now formatted according to each recipient.

Some of the unique feature of this software includes Global Document Library (GDL) storing large number of document and files over a user friendly interface, priced reporting software package that can be installed behind the client firewall and Global Document Search (GDS) Network files that can be searched using a unique id.

Satuit believe that the latest release will expand the product and gives the product new direction for its development. Moreover, the additional features will provide a full fledged investor reporting and portal solution.

Being one of the renowned companies in cloud based CRM products; they have also provided software solutions for sales, marketing and client service teams in the professional investment markets.