Say Yahoo! To Mute Video Texting via Livetext

By CIOReview | Friday, August 21, 2015

MANHATTAN, NYC: Yahoo announces its entry into internet texting app club with the  introduction of Livetext. Livetext borrows inspiration from prevalent texting apps like Snapchat, Meerkat, Periscope and Skype.

The idea here is to enable users to beam live videos and text (live video texting app).  Say for a conversation between two users on this app, the text feature provided is very much similar to any regular texting app; the added feature is that each of them gets to see a live reaction of the other one over the chat but WITHOUT ANY SOUND. In response to queries on addition of sound feature in the future,  Yahoo senior vice president for mobile and emerging products, Adam Cahan  on USA Today says, “There's no vehicle for turning on audio now though we never say never."

Cahan adds in support of the no sound environment, "We don't want to create that inhibition where somebody has to actually think, `can I respond to this, can I answer this, can I engage?' What we found is that if audio is there you actually have that time where like, `huh, I'm sitting in this meeting, I'm sitting in the environment, I cannot do it.' We think that's a really critical aspect of the consumer experience."

Every Livetext conversation starts with a video beam on a one to one basis, where both parties need to agree to open the channel in order to reduce the possibility of cyber abuse or spam. The interface is real time and can be scrolled up like regular texting interfaces. Like Snapchat, the video and chats are deleted once the app is closed.

It is speculated that the app is developed on MessageMe, which Yahoo had acquired in 2014. Yahoo Livetext is now available for Android and iOS users.