S&C Partners with Tantalus to Enable Grid Optimization

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

ORLANDO, Fl: S&C Electric Company, a provider of electrical grid systems announces strategic alliance with Tantalus Systems, a provider of Smart Grid communications solutions, to enable grid optimization and rapid self-healing solutions for Municipal and Cooperative Utilities.

S&C has approved the use of the Tantalus DA-1710 Bridge Modem, which has the capability to support the delivery of standardized DNP3 messaging across the TUNet AMI platform, thus extending visibility and control to end-of-line distribution automation devices on the distribution grid. The integration of Tantalus DA-1710 Bridge Modem in S&C’s IntelliCap 2000 Automatic Capacitor Control facilitates grid optimization applications such as Volt-VAR optimization, which improves the efficiency of the distribution grid in order to save cost, electricity and reducing emissions. The partnership integrates S&C’s SpeedNet portfolio with TUNet communications, which enables the Automation Restoration System to rapidly self-heal targeted areas of the grid.

TUNet is designed to support the three essential Smart Grid capabilities—advanced metering, demand response, and distribution automation, therefore delivering the information and hence providing the tools needed to act upon it in a timely and effective manner. It also allows utilities to automate capacitor controls and voltage regulators to reduce peak demand, by maximizing the value from their TUNet AMI communications investments. The product permits utilities to attack outage-prone areas with cost-effective, layered communication network architecture.

 “By layering S&C’s industry-leading communications and rapid self-healing solutions with TUNet, our utility users will gain expanded access to powerful grid optimization and rapid self-healing solutions,” says Peter Londa, President and CEO, Tantalus.