Scale Logic Creates New Media-Focused Object Storage And Private Cloud Solution
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Scale Logic Creates New Media-Focused Object Storage And Private Cloud Solution

By CIOReview | Monday, April 25, 2022

Object Matrix is a multi-award-winning software business that pioneered object storage and media archive modernization.

FREMONT, CA: Object storage, also known as object-based storage, is a data storage management and manipulation method that controls and manipulates data storage as discrete objects. These items are kept in a single location and aren't buried in folders. Private cloud storage is a storage mechanism that uses cloud computing and storage technologies to store an organization's data on in-house storage servers.

Scale Logic, a provider of media workflow solutions, has announced the debut of its new media-focused Object Storage platform. By modernizing video workflows and enabling quick access to all media assets, the new solution, driven by Object Matrix, is designed to benefit enterprises financially and operationally.

Scale Logic's Object Storage solution is based on mature, feature-rich, and future-proof object-based storage technology, which provides operational efficiencies and complete digital content control. Furthermore, the system offers numerous media-based workflows and safe access to all stored information from any location.

Robert Herzan, Chief Executive Officer, Scale Logic, comments, "The launch of our new media-focused Object Storage and Private Cloud Solution marks another step in our evolving WorkflowConnect platform. Our revolutionary platform is predicated on the idea of creating highly collaborative environments by architecting the ideal workflow solution and tailoring it to every user's needs. As a result, we partnered with leading provider Object Matrix to deliver seamless Object Storage and Private Cloud, enabling users to achieve even more when customizing their perfect workflows."

Users can dump, relocate, store, and centralize files from numerous sites within a less expensive, secondary tier using the solution's active archiving feature for long-term data retention. This feature frees up space while lowering expenses and reducing the need for additional IT services. Furthermore, its numerous security features enable limited access and safeguard against risks that could lead to data loss. The solution offers built-in support for WORM and S3 object locking to ensure data integrity.

Aside from the WorkflowConnect Platform's latest Object Storage and Private Cloud Solution releases, Scale Logic collaborates with enterprises looking for future-proof media production storage and workflow orchestration solutions. Scale Logic's highly sought-after team of seasoned engineers provides advanced infrastructure and architectures, guided by a tried-and-true approach that allows them to quickly examine and resolve even the most complicated data management, storage, and networking issues.