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Scanit Partners with Its First-to-Market Technology

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 21, 2021

Scanit announces a key partnership opportunity with its first-to-market technology.

FREMONT, CA: Scanit, a patented new technology that can be utilized to read a QR and DRV code from up to 60 feet away, announces a strategic partnership opportunity with its first-to-market technology. A game-changer in the marketing industry, Scanit enables companies to expand their outreach to consumers, even while social distancing guidelines are in place and beyond.

Scanit's technology functions similarly to a conventional QR code reader. However, while basic QR code readers focus on print mediums, Scanit can also be utilized to read Direct Response Video (DRV) codes used in digital media, including TV commercials, drive-thrus, and websites. Scanit recently released a digital wallet that can be scanned phone to phone, phone to ATM, and phone to point-of-sale terminals, helping transactions with cash, credit, or cryptocurrency. With Scanit's unique potentials to read codes up to 60 feet away, the technology opens the door for safe consumer engagement during the pandemic and more long-term uses like digital billboards and signage at stadiums future.

The company is excited to extend the technology to firms that can truly benefit from it. The partnership opportunity will open doors for social media companies, retailers, and even restaurants looking to engage with consumers where they are in the digital world.  The partnership is open to all companies looking to enhance their marketing strategy. Scanit's DRV code reader can be combined with technology that is using QR code readers. The company's robust, backend data capture potentials can measure analytics like real-time response-rates to marketing materials and demographics. Partners can also embrace Scanit's rewards program, enabling users to accumulate points as they scan DRV codes and then redeem them through an online catalog.

By rolling out this partnership opportunity, the company is working to offer marketing teams across industries with superior technology both during the pandemic and moving forward. Even after the pandemic, digital marketing will continue to be a prime focus, and Scanit's technology is as convenient to the customer as it is helpful to the marketer.