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SCDCA's New Website: User friendly Interface with New Layout and Features

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Mukesh Patel, President

Mukesh Patel, President

The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs is experiencing its new advancements with a new website, clean, streamlined, and modernized site presenting easy navigation to the many tools available for the citizens. (http:/ is the government’s official website and a coordinated effort between the State and South Carolina Interactive to encourage citizens to perform online state business and promote public access to government information. The Technology Operations Division of the South Carolina Department of Administration provides information to South Carolina Interactive, which is liable for functioning, maintaining and marketing South Carolina Interactive is a part of the family of eGovernment company NIC (NASDAQ: EGOV).

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NIC Inc., Nasdaq: EGOV) is the country’s leading provider of digital government solutions and secure payment processing to make government interactions more technologically accessible to all. “Our payment solutions encompass the full lifecycle of payments, right from origination to distribution,” says Mukesh Patel president of NIC Services. The NIC family has created a library of more than 13,000 digital government programs for over 6,000 government, state and local government organizations. Among these solutions is the state-of-the-art personal assistant Gov2Go, which provides citizens with customized reminders and a single new platform for all government interactions.

  Our payment solutions encompass the full lifecycle of payments, right from origination to distribution.​ 

SCDCA’s site was developed at no cost to taxpayers through collaboration between SCDCA and South Carolina Interactive. The new site provides a quicker, more intuitive user experience and a better navigation bar, where customers can find all the content of the site. An extra drop-down tab on the homepage named “How do I...” allow customers to receive responses to commonly asked questions with just one click. Recent news is displayed more prominently, and a new calendar with SCDCA public meetings, upcoming public lectures and important and relevant dates for regulated companies has been added. The layout of the site allows users to easily access the many resources of SCDCA, including the online complaint portal, licensing information and information brochures. Customers and companies are allowed to communicate with the Department of Consumer Affairs online and benefit from this valuable resource. As most of the customers now utilize online platforms, offering a new layout to the website will definitely become a driving force for SCDCA.

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