SchemaHero Declares Support for CockroachDB
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SchemaHero Declares Support for CockroachDB

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 21, 2021

SchemaHero has announced support for CockroachDB, making it easier for developers to deliver schema updates to the popular database.

FREMONT, CA: SchemaHero has recently announced support for CockroachDB, making it easier for developers to deliver schema updates to the popular database. Written as a CLI utility and a Kubernetes Operator, SchemaHero makes database schemas declarative, eliminates the work of developing and administering synchronized migration scripts, and is suitable with every condition in which an application is operating.

“Managing schemas and migrations is hard,” said Marc Campbell, Replicated co-founder and CTO. “Developers spend hours and sometimes days writing migration scripts. They periodically ‘rebase’ the migrations into a single, flat base. But when upgrading a database version, some of the previous migrations might not be valid. Or when shipping a version to an on-prem customer, it’s a slow and brittle process.”

SchemaHero addresses the migration problem by deploying schema upgrades to CockroachDB databases, whether clustered or external. The tool also allows developers to create a YAML-defined schema and deploy it to the SchemaHero operator, who can then query the existing CockroachDB schema, identify the changes that need to be made, and provide CockroachDB-compatible migration scripts for developers to approve and implement.

CockroachDB easily and quickly scales horizontally. It supports fully distributed ACID transactions, schema modifications with no downtime, including secondary indexes and foreign keys. Scalability is provided through CockroachDB without compromising SQL capability. It also supports the JSON datatype for NoSQL data storage.

Get involved

Developers can join the #schemahero channel in Kubernetes Slack and the Schemahero community gatherings to check out the free tool.

Delivering multi-prem software through replication is the way. Whether or not the customers use Kubernetes, Replicated allows them to offer and manage the Kubernetes applications in customer-controlled environments with typical architecture.

SchemaHero is an open-source database schema migration tool that translates schema definitions into migration scripts that can be used anywhere. SchemaHero reduces the chore of developing and managing sequenced migration scripts compatible with all contexts in which an application operates by combining a CLI utility and a Kubernetes Operator. Postgres, Mysql, CockroachDB, Cassandra, and SQLite database schemas are supported by SchemaHero.