ScientiaMobile Unveils WURFL.js Business Edition for Front-End Mobile Developers

By CIOReview | Friday, March 13, 2015

RESTON, VA: ScientiaMobile, a provider of device detection solutions has announced the launch of WURFL.js Business Edition, the company’s latest business-grade version of WURFL.js Community Edition device detection solution.

The solution enables the web programmers to use a short javascript snippet in their HTML to access over 20 device capabilities delivered by ScientiaMobile’s cloud-based Device Description Repository (DDR).

For front-end developers, the solution is a device to be deployed to optimize pages, add new dimensions to web analytics and optimize user experience for different form factors. The business end customers will have access to nearly 20 device capabilities; improved performance, custom use of their own domain (through DNS CNAMEs), SSL security, help desk support, and a commercial-grade robust Service Level Agreement (SLA). Their customers will receive an access to online configuration and they can also customize the functionality.

“We see that providing a more reliable alternative to the quick and dirty JavaScript hacks that have historically been used for detecting device capabilities helps our customers both to scale their multi-device strategy as well as giving new and unique insights into end-user behavior when used for analytics. With one JavaScript snippet, adopters of WURFL.js Business Edition can gain the control they need to improve the experience for mobile users,” says Luca Passani, CTO, ScientiaMobile.