Scope for Growth of the Hybrid Cloud Market in 2018
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Scope for Growth of the Hybrid Cloud Market in 2018

By CIOReview | Monday, January 15, 2018

Although the public cloud has been in notice for quite some time, hybrid and private counterparts of it are getting attention as well in the present times. Experts have stated that the private and hybrid cloud will earn more importance in the early and during the entire 2018. Therefore, while the cloud market continues to grow in regard to hybrid and private types, here are the latest trends that will come into notice during the entire 2018:

Hybrid Cloud Strategies Come with More Clarity

Most cloud giants, notably Microsoft Azure, have shown interest in adopting hybrid platforms, which implies that the private cloud setups will reflect somewhat the setting of their public variants. Microsoft Azure has already released the Azure Stack, which is private cloud platform with some features similar to the public cloud. On the other hand, Amazon Web Services have teamed up with VMware IPO to provide hybrid cloud technology on AWS interface while Google Cloud Platform has partnered with Nutanix and VMware IPO.

The Private Cloud Competition

Organizations are considering the features and kinds of workloads that are suited to the public cloud computing platforms. Scott Crenshaw, Vice President of Rackspace envisioned that cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure Stack, OpenStack, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and others will experience a continuous popularity in the current year as organizations learn best-in-class private and public cloud practices, which will eventually improve the economic value of private cloud.

Containers and PaaS Platforms Emerge as Hybrid Interfaces

Organizations are looking for ways that help them get their tasks done in easier and faster ways. Senior Vice President of Distributed Systems at Fidelity, Maria Azua Himmel told that companies which use cloud are bound to use multiple platforms and tools. It is therefore important to use containers which will ensure that the applications are capable of running in any infrastructure. Fidelity enables their clients with a combined version of PaaS along with automation tools, which include Docker, Artifactory, and Jenkins.

Optimal Connection between the System and the Cloud

Cloud service providers have already started working to provide clients with infrastructure that has optimized network connectivity with the cloud storage platform. Companies such as Digital Realty, QTS, and Equinix provide collocation service along with managed services which have direct connectivity to Google Cloud Services, Microsoft Azure, and other such public cloud services. In addition, the cloud computing service providers also offer incredible On-Premise Public Cloud Services and Language Learning.

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