Scope of AI in Video Editing
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Scope of AI in Video Editing

By CIOReview | Friday, August 9, 2019

AI is fostering significant transformation in video editing; however, all of its advancements are just tools to assist human editors.

FREMONT, CA: Technical innovations influence the way films and videos are made. Video editing is increasingly being influenced by technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). With the current pace in advancements, AI can completely transform video editing.

Curating Video Footage Automatically

Generally, it takes a human editor hours or sometimes days and weeks to watch and curate video files. AI can do the same in a much lesser time based on specific parameters. The human editor can use AI-curated clips to prepare the final video. Thus AI is increasingly being used to aid in video curation. Sometimes, it even functions on its own like in Google Clips where AI identifies interesting and short clips to record independently and to learn and improve its choices according to the user response.

Intelligent and Automated Editing Tools

Apart from video curation, numerous other tools can benefit from the automation that AI has to offer. The ability of AI to interpret videos allows it to play a vital role in across a range of tools such as from object removal to color correction, image stabilization, visual effects, and much more. Currently, there are several tools in such roles that use complicated algorithms in an attempt to analyze videos that can be replaced by AI. In the future, more and more intelligent editing tools are expected to be AI-assisted. The tools will leverage AI to make recommendation and interpretation for video editing. Such tools will also make video editing easier for beginners while letting AI manage most of the grunted work.

Fully Automated Video Editors

AI is fostering significant transformation in video editing. However, all of its advancements are just a tool to assist a human editor. While it can be possible for AI to edit videos on its own but it is still a long way for it to do that effectively.

Currently, it is best to consider AI as a tool that reduces the time it takes for video editing and simplifies the process. Moreover, AI and ML are still in their infancy state, so it's difficult to predict where they might eventually evolve into.

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