Scoring Sales Victories by Starting Small

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 23, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Sales managers have a penchant to set their sights on large accounts instead of the smaller ones as they believe that it is not worth their time. This often results in creating a heap of unrealized revenue and a dejected sales force with empty pockets. One might argue that sales people are getting appointments and making proposals, but then, have they really closed anything substantial in a long time?

So what can anyone do about it?

First and foremost, in order to exceed your sales goals, you have to stop chasing the “big game” obsessively. Instead, aim to have a healthy mix of prospects with different potential revenue opportunities. Smaller accounts may not move the needle overnight, but there are ample reasons as to why they can be a better play for the sales force. Here's listing a few of those as told by David Tyner:

1. Smaller accounts will teach you how to ameliorate your ways when it comes to executing the sales process and understand your prospect’s buying cycle.

2. Smaller account is equal to a shorter buying cycle courtesy less layers of management.

3. If you can sell enough smaller accounts, it will act as an insulator against some of the peaks and valleys that are common in sales.

4. Smaller accounts can serve well to build confidence, momentum and draw a blueprint for targeting other accounts in that vertical marketplace.

5. Closing any type of account on a consistent basis will ensure job security.

6. Small accounts can become large accounts.  

Coming to the big game, the obvious recommendation would be to keep some large accounts in your sights. These accounts must be handled with skilled methodology and these skills should be honed by amassing sales victories. The moment you score a sales victory, you get the "been there before" confidence that will guide your steps through the complex sale.