Seagate Enables Engineers to Build Light-weight Mobile Device with Plenty of Storage

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 16, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Seagate Technology, a provider of data storage solutions, announces development of a new hard disk which will enable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to design a new generation of elegant mobile products that are extremely thin and stylish, light-weight, fast, power-efficient and cost-effective.

The key features of the new hard disk include: With 22 Tetra Byte (TB) of storage space, the 7 mm hard drive can store more than 500,000 songs and 320,000 photos, provide viewing of high definition video for 240 hours or 26 hours of 4K ultra-high definition content. Weighing 3.17 oz, the product is 25 percent lighter than the previous generation of Seagate’s mobile hard drive products. Built on ultra-mobile HDD technology, it enables notebook PC users to have generous storage capacity in a thin and light PC.

The new drive technology incorporates recording-subsystem components such as head, media, preamp, and channel to provide greater areal densities. Its advanced and high-spatial efficiency mechanics delivers lightweight, low acoustics and strong mechanical robustness to give stability when subject to intense shock and vibrations.

Seagate is planning to bring a hybrid format of the product by combining NAND flash with its learning algorithms to deliver supreme performance and a richer consumer experience at a much lower cost than comparable solid state drives.

“In an industry first, our engineers have been able to boost areal density to 1TB per platter in a 2.5-inch form factor, which will give OEMs the flexibility to design and build virtually any kind of mobile device they can envision, with plenty of storage to boot. Combining new mechanical firmware architectures, with state of the art heads, media and electronic design, this technology is a real game changer- providing four times more capacity than a 0.25TB SSD at a substantially lower cost,” says Mark Re, chief technology officer, Seagate.