Search Technologies Renews Partnership with Basis Technologies and Elastic

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 10, 2015

HERNDON, VA: Search Technologies, an implementation firm for search analytics applications, and Basis Technologies –a multilingual search and text analysis company– have extended their partnership to provide highly customized powerful search systems to customers for making informed decisions.

Big Text is large quantities of unstructured text chunks found in documents, web pages, and databases. Rosette, a suite of software components from Basis Technologies, uses linguistic analysis, statistical modeling and machine learning to accurately process Big Text. Businesses need entity analytics, extracting people, places, organizations and name matching, which enrich connect data to reveal insights hidden in multilingual texts. Search Technologies and Basis Technologies combination will enable them to overcome the challenges facing by search engines.

“We like to work with technology partners that are as committed to customer success as we are. That has always been the case on projects where we have helped customers deploy solutions from Basis Technology,” said Kamran Khan, CEO, Search Technologies. “With Basis Technology’s Rosette suite of text analytics components, we have a production-ready solution with dependable quality across all the languages our customers care about. Whether a system needs to serve up one or 20 languages, all of our customers can benefit from that,” Khan added.

Association with Elastic
Search Technologies extends their association globally with Elastic, a company that provides solutions for search and log analysis, after their success in North America. Search Technologies provides independent consulting and implementation services to more than 600 customers worldwide.

“Elastic’s technology stack addresses a wide range of search and analytics use cases for enterprises, and when combined with Search Technologies' deep search-based implementation expertise, enterprises are able to take their critical business and IT applications to another level.” Said Jobi George, Global Partner, Elastic. “We are very pleased to extend our partnership with Search Technologies to drive continued success for our joint customers across North America and expand into Europe and elsewhere.”