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Secrets for Astuted Shopping

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 3, 2018

We as human beings are expected to be responsible in managing our finances in a more organized manner as we grow old. Very often is becomes quite difficult to resist the urge to cosset ourselves by being surrounded by plethora of options (Jabong, Myntra, Flipkart et al). But let us think wise and overcome these roadblocks by having a look at the list down of few tips that will let us indulge ourselves without really drilling a hole in the pockets, says Business insider.

Fix your Budget

Decide and fix the plan what you want to buy and resist impulse buying. Put in a little thinking before shelling out all your money on the goodies found. Have to be cautious making sure that your generosity does not burn a hole in your pocket! Question yourself: Do I really need it? Do I need it today? What if don’t buy it now? Can I do this at a lower cost?

Save for Future

Know on what you spend.  A spending plan will help you live within your income. Once you have prepared your budget and fixed an amount for shopping, take the money out of your account and keep it safe in someplace and make sure you don’t use for any other shopping purposes.

Say bye-bye to credit cards

Credit cards are considered to be the big no-no for shopaholics. As you may not be paying the money directly with your hands, it will definitely be hurting to see the long bills that come knocking on the doors at the end of every month. Don’t make the mistake of using credit cards to buy things you really can’t afford. Don’t drown yourself in credit card debt. Instead, the use of debit cards will have a check on how much you have already spent by declining to pay anymore.

Shop at the Right Store

Shop for value and know your environment. Wise men have always said that cut your coat according o your cloth! It basically means that you should remember how much you earn before you go shopping. Does your income allow you to shop at premium stores? Does street shopping suit your pocket than going to a mall? Ensure that you have a balance between the branded ones and fashion junkies.

Be Wise and Analyze

Make the fullest use of discounts that retailer’s are coming out in the festive season. Go in for the vouchers that are offered and that are needed to be subscribed. Go through every store to see which one offers the best discounts and compare the results. You can get the best bargains at an estate sale by shopping during its final hours as the retailers would be keen in just selling of their products and get rid of it.

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