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Secure AI-Cloud Mechanism for Smart Enterprise

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Today, automation and AI have become a core and integral part of every industry. The range of automation in industry development is initiated from the data service layers, business service layer, to user interface layer amongst different modules and services. Cost cutters can take advantage of this process due to its complementary capabilities with expanded range services, but driving both continuous improvements and efficiency gain with reduced cost is a critical task. Moreover, with obsolete information, and rigidly following the existing techniques will not help in the sustainable growth of the company.

Cloud computing technologies and architecture is an excellent way for data analytics, and a useful approach to empower organizations in driving big data dynamically and efficiently. With an increase in IoT adoption, cloud-driven big data analytics capture practical insights about large data sources that are in the structured and unstructured format, and data sources captured in real time will be optimized, stored, and retrieved at a much faster rate. Though it can effectively analyze big data, real-time deployment will raise a question regarding its capability to solve data mitigation and authentication.

However, the integral model of AI and cloud computing will help to solve its limitations and gain better insights compared to a single deployment. Cloud computing will assist AI in addressing issues regarding obsolete information, data storage, and extraction of relevant information from the source, while AI helps in data processing and authentication during the data transmission process. Furthermore, AI, with its advanced protocols, is capable of streamlining the immense capabilities of cloud—integral AI-cloud approach enabling machines to act without human intervention, learn, think, and react similarly to that of human beings.

In a nutshell, the integral approach of AI and cloud computing is transforming organizations’ perceptive and providing critical insights to annihilate the existing limitations. At present, the U.S. is leading the AI global market with a 40 percent share, followed by China and Israel respectively with the most robust AI ecosystems. The future industrial prospective deals with pioneers investing more on AI-cloud technology to create strategies for taking AI-cloud to high-level industrial scale, along with new offerings for revenue creation.

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