Secure Islands and Adallom Join Hands to Secure Business Data on Cloud

By CIOReview | Monday, August 24, 2015

NEW YORK, NY: Secure Islands, a provider of advanced Information Protection and Control (IPC), allies with Adallom, cloud access security provider. The combination of Adallom’s governance and threat protection with Secure Islands’ policy driven classification and protection, will secure the entire lifecycle of documents in the cloud.

Adallom provides visibility, governance, and protection to enterprises for the use of SaaS applications, offering insights to cloud application usage and protecting the user. On the other hand, Secure Islands’ IQProtector embeds classification policies upon creation. For data that is sensitive; it embeds encryption and permissions based on company’s policy.

The integration of the two therefore provides secure cloud based file sharing and secure storage of unstructured data that can be further shared and accessed by other users with complete security. It also secures data that is downloaded from cloud-based SaaS applications.

The main benefits of the alliance include: protection of entire lifecycle of files (upload, collaboration and download); incorporation and management of granular encryption, security enabled user experience; ability of organizations to control their encryption keys; security and access rights to documents travelling in any cloud application and support to businesses that allow use of cloud, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and collaboration tools in a secured manner.

“One of the concerns of IT security teams is the ability to implement and manage data centric security controls in cloud applications, but our partnership with Adallom makes these concerns a non-issue,” says Eyal Manor, Vice President, Product Management, Secure Islands.