Secured2 and LiquidCool Solutions Ally to Develop a Security Solution
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Secured2 and LiquidCool Solutions Ally to Develop a Security Solution

By CIOReview | Monday, August 10, 2015

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: It is not only important to collect data and update them, but it is equally important to secure the data. Secured2, a data security software company and LiquidCool Solutions, a technology development firm, the two merging companies, provide end-to-end unhackable, disaster-proof data security solution. The amalgamation of the two will result in the proprietary data security software and “shrink>shred>secure” methodology from Secured2 and Rugged Terrain, liquid cooled high performance computing system from LiquidCool Solutions, protecting businesses from any catastrophe be it natural or artificial.

Secured2 is a company whose patented process and technology reduces the data by 90 percent and makes it into shrink and secure format (shrink and secure). It then sends the data to multiple locations like multiple clouds or local storage environments (shred). Its security solution is tested in the lab and real world and is currently being used in healthcare, financial services and contract manufacturing companies. LiquidCool Solutions (LCS) is a firm that provides cooling electronics by total immersion in a dielectric fluid built for harsh environments. It is currently used in military, oil and gas, education, and medical.

Daren Klum, CEO, Secured2 says “With this combination of Secured2’s data security software and LiquidCool’s ruggedized hardware, we are meeting the challenging demand for a world-class solution that address threats across each aspect of our customers’ businesses and building a security posture that withstands unforeseen, high impact events.”

Secured2 and LiquidCool’s combination provides protection of data from fires, floods, EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) and data breaches giving customers a high level of security not available in the market till now.