SecureDocs Unveils the New 'View As' and 'Enhanced User Management' Features

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 8, 2016

FREMONT, CA: SecureDocs, a Virtual Data Room provider for secure storage and document sharing releases their new ‘View As’ and ‘Enhanced User Management’ features. The features are specifically designed to enhance the user's ability to track investor/buyer interest during mergers, acquisitions and fundraising. They also allow users to manage security settings more efficiently. The system automatically sends a series of up to three invitations to the new users seeking their participation.

The "View As" feature enables the room administrators to preview the roles and also facilitates the ability to manage the visibility criteria for users during log in. The process effectively maximizes the overall engagement, offering correct documentation for the roles at all times. Security is also enhanced in a systematic manner, allowing room administrators to restrict the display of sensitive information that could compromise their company.

"We are pleased to continue to further advance the functionality of our software for our clients," said Will Reynolds, CEO, SecureDocs.

The "Enhanced User Management" feature series allows SecureDocs to display fragmented data; splitting each item, mentioning about the users and their roles on individual pages. The feature grants the ability to view additional information for administrators. It also allows them to move and sort the columns, assisting in data analysis and organization. All the user and role data are exported efficiently with an excel snapshot. The features deliver improved experience for clients involved in the management of complex set of roles or a large volume of users.

SecureDocs is created by engineers and team who joined hands to develop Rightscale, GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, and AppFolio. The team is focused in building easily adopted, highly secure, and affordable software solutions for any size or type of business.

"With the additions of the new ‘View As’ feature and the ‘Enhanced User Management’ feature series, it is our hope that our clients will continue to achieve maximum success using the SecureDocs platform," adds Will.