SecuRemote Smart for OEMs to Boost their IoT Market Presence

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 24, 2014

BUFFALO GROVE III, IL: Delphian Systems, announces its latest technology, SecuRemote Smart, which enables OEM products to be interoperable with mobile devices and cloud applications along with the capability to form wireless mesh networks automatically. This technology is based on the next generation Bluetooth Low Energy called Bluetooth Smart.

Bluetooth Smart, a power-efficient version of Bluetooth wireless technology is supported by all major operating systems. This smart technology builds upon the traditional Bluetooth capability of forming a hub between devices such as PCs, smartphones, tablets and cars enabling increasing number of diverse devices to connect to these hubs to form Internet of Things (IoT). Various industry verticals ranging from health & fitness companies to consumer electronics to automotive are all actively exploring their market opportunities through the technological advancement in Bluetooth.

Driven by the Bluetooth Smart technology, Delphian Systems’ SecuRemote Smart uses ultra-low power wireless chips providing cost-efficiency in terms of its implementation.

Security is ensured through features such as encryption, authentication, connectivity control, and administrative security. Powerful control mechanism provides three layers of control like Administrative Control, Operational Control, and Notification Control.