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Securing Digital Marketing with Blockchain Technology

By CIOReview | Monday, May 14, 2018

Digital Marketing strategies have developed tremendously with the introduction of the most successful disruptive technology of the past decade, blockchain, reimagining the future of e-commerce. The e-commerce market has always had players of all sizes. In the e-commerce landscape, there is room for selling everything, and it is becoming immensely challenging for online stores to connect with new customers and satisfy them.

Data is the new age gold and digital marketing harness its worth for trading purposes. The database of clients, consumers and users give valuable inputs about all their personal choices and selections. This, in turn, assists the organizations in creating the perfectly structured digital marketing strategies to increase online visibility and sales.

However, this data is quite vulnerable to attacks if the backend security structure is created with just necessary encryption or when the entire system collapses. Due to this reason, most online companies are now embracing the more decentralized system called the blockchain technology. Few of the companies are even channelizing the raw power of blockchain and implementing it directly into web development phase. The primary advantage of a decentralized ecosystem, like blockchain, is that there will never be a single point of entry where any malicious code is executed. Any online enterprise can administer these nodes in blockchain. However, there will be a series of security measures installed at every operation’s base level, and they will interact independently with one other. In the digital marketing landscape, the chief strength of the blockchain platform will easily set new cybersecurity fundamentals to make sure that the critical data is secured every time it is accessed.

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