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Securing Digital Workplaces with Nutanix

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 20, 2018
Sunil Potti, Chief Product & Development Officer

Sunil Potti, Chief Product & Development Officer

Today’s IT organizations are trying to integrate multiple infrastructures into a single, optimally functioning environment, which can be achieved through the data center. The capabilities of the data center can make the hybrid environment more attractive, secure, and private cloud with access to the public cloud.

Nutanix, headquartered at San Jose, California, is a cloud computing software company that virtualizes all the hardware elements of the system. The world’s most advanced data centers leverage Nutanix’s software-defined infrastructure that combines the computation, storage, networking, and virtualization. The company’s software has the ability to support multiple apps.

Sunil Potti, Chief Product and Development Officer of Nutanix states, “When the worlds of cloud and consumerization come together, the way those applications and services are delivered has to change from the ground up.”

HYCU, a Boston-based Software Company, which makes a data backup, recovery, and monitoring solution that is built for Nutanix have signed their first agreement with Lenovo, the global technology leader in driving multi-cloud backup and recovery. This agreement will provide single transaction for the customers who purchase Nutanix HYCU Data Protection with Lenovo offers. The partnership between these companies provides cost-effective data protection and delivers IT simplicity and multi-cloud management for the data center.

"When the worlds of cloud and consumerization come together, the way those applications and services are delivered has to change from the ground up."

Nutanix also collaborates with Citrix to improve desktop virtualization to enable fast and easy delivery of secure digital workspaces for today’s hybrid cloud. Nutanix helps in solving the infrastructure challenges that were faced optimally running Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. The design of Citrix workplace supports the hybrid cloud infrastructure where a customer can use Citrix cloud to spin up desktops to on-premise Nutanix clusters, which support file services.

Nutanix also created a huge impact at its London. NEXT event on announcing about the availability of Nutanix Xi Cloud services, something that HYCU believes will be an important strategy for Nutanix.

Nutanix is enhancing the accessibility control between private, public, and distributed clouds for application accessibility and performance management. It allows customers to utilize the benefits of public-cloud-like agility and productivity at a low cost. With Nutanix, businesses are bound to achieve increased performance and higher revenues.

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