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Security Automation: The Problem-Solving Solution

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 16, 2017

The sky-rocketing rate at which cyber threats continue to outline the industrial landscape is alarming. This, topped off with the shortage of security experts to deal with such problems is pushing organizations to scramble around for solutions to optimize and simplify the security options. Even though there is no shortage in the cybersecurity budgets rising, keeping up with the pace of cyber threats now-a-days is a challenge. Finding an appropriate security solution at practical price rate, and at the scale they need is the only go-to solution, which in essence, equates to security automation.

Security automation has shaped itself quite nicely over the years. At first, it was merely the automation of cybersecurity controls. In the current scenario of cyber threats taking over the industry, this definition is not nearly enough to represent the scope of security. Now, security automation can be defined as the use of automated systems to prevent and detect cyber threats, while bestowing upon the overall threat intelligence that an organization comprehends, in order to plan ahead and defend potential attacks in the future. If your SecOps team already has end-point security systems, along with security logs, then security automation is the next step to prevent cyber threats.

The surface area of potential attack continues to shoot up; the number of ways cybercriminals can infiltrate organizations are only multiplying. Previously cybercriminals had limited sources of sneaking into an enterprise. But now, with the blessing and boon of cloud, mobile and IoT devices, these criminals are being extended a platform to coax up more ways to penetrate through the organization. Also, there is a well-known lack of cybersecurity experts in the industry today. Security automation makes a great impact here, by combating such issues already present in the industry-wide marketplace.

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