Security Concerns Leads to a Shift to Private and Virtual Private Clouds:Study

By CIOReview | Monday, June 8, 2015

NEW YORK, NY: CTERA, provider of Enterprise Data Services Platform, announces the result of its annual report. The report highlights the challenges faced by enterprises providing cloud storage and file sharing services, while reducing IT costs and maintaining security and data control.

The report covers the current enterprise cloud storage scenario. It highlights how the enterprises are facing challenges in terms of privacy, security and data governance and how they are coping with it by searching for alternatives to public cloud storage.

Rani Osnat, VP of Strategic Marketing at CTERA says, “Cloud storage is simplifying and accelerating data services across the enterprise. However, an increasing number of data leakage events, and a desire to exercise more control over file sharing and data protection are forcing organizations to investigate and deploy alternatives to public cloud storage services,”

The research found out that 35 percent of organizations experienced corporate data leakage in 2014 as employees shared files via often-unsanctioned FSS services. 83 percent of organizations have established corporate policies that either sanction the use of specific SaaS-based file sharing solutions or forbid their use entirely. Therefore, security and data governance concerns are driving EFSS (enterprise file sync and share) adoption within enterprises.

Nearly three out of four companies have implemented or are considering an alternative to public FSS, and two thirds of those favor private or “virtual private” cloud storage solutions over SaaS solutions. In addition, 59 percent of those organizations indicated that they favor a private cloud FSS solution run either on hosted (virtual private) infrastructure or in their own datacenter.

The study points out that cloud storage gateways are replacing traditional file servers and tape storage. One third of all organizations have implemented on-premise cloud storage gateways that support both the private cloud and public cloud, while 27 percent of all companies have implemented them. Another point revealed in the study is that nearly 36 percent of all organizations are currently considering implementing cloud storage gateways.