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Security Risk Behind Healthcare IoT devices

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 29, 2018

Healthcare sector has become the recent target of cyber attacks, data breaches, and Ransomware. Recent surveys by the Internet of Things (IoT) security firm ZingBox, found that imaging systems are the reason behind most of the security issues, as high as 51 percent. It was found that the imaging system devices were the gateway for the infusion of vulnerabilities in the system as well as one of the major reasons behind common security issues.

The IoT devices connected to the imaging system are often vulnerable due to outdated software that is ineffective against the fraudulent spams and phishing scams circulated through emails.  In fact, most of the common security concerns were due to the use of embedded browsers for web surfing on the medical workstations, unauthorized applications, and illegal browsers. Furthermore, 41 percent of the issues were created through conducting online chats and downloading content.

Majority of the security risks arise due to the use of unpatched firmware, outdated operating system, and applications, as well as the employment of legacy Windows versions. These created about 33 percent of the issues among connected medical devices.

Inadequate regulations and irregular cybersecurity are the major assailants in the security risk scenarios, as healthcare institutions and clinics are often lagging behind in implementing the right measures. The risk behind the patient data security is only about to increase as more and more hospitals and clinics adopt connected devices to simplify hospital stay and caregiving.

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