Seismos Offers New Flood Surveillance Platform Enables Tracking of Underground CO2 Flow for Oil Production

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 7, 2016

FREMONT, CA: In the present state of oil price environment, operators need innovations that offer quick returns through operational expense reduction and increased production during enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations. About half of CO2 is underutilized in the reservoir due to lack of understanding of the flood front movement. As a result of which huge opportunities of increasing oil production from CO2 flow is left unattended.

To provide efficient way of discovering the unrecovered oil, Seismos, a provider of subsurface fluid-flow imaging technology for the Oil and Gas industry, is offering a new flood surveillance platform called K-View CO2.

Being a cloud-based geophysical data processing platform, K-View CO2 provides continuous, real-time information about the subsurface movement of CO2 and areas of unswept oil. As the platform is connected to surface-installed low-impact emitters and sensors, it can generate images of CO2 movement over time. Seismos' new flood surveillance platform is a cost effective way for oil producers to track the underground CO2 flow. Presently, Seismos has installed K-View CO2 in the fields of Texas and New Mexico with plans for further expansion.

"With a rapid return on investment through immediately actionable information, K-View CO2 provides visualization of flood fronts that help operators maximize pattern effectiveness and produce more oil," says Panos Adamopoulos, founder and CEO, Seismos.