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Semantic Research Joins Cipher Systems to Extend Data-Intensive Analytics Solutions

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Chip Harrison, CEO, Semantic Research

Chip Harrison, CEO, Semantic Research

ANNAPOLIS, MD: The developer of NetCentric Intelligence semantic analysis platform, Semantic Research has joined hands with strategic and competitive intelligence consulting firm Cipher to diversify the data-intensive analytics solutions for commercial markets. The partnership will allow the integration of SRI’s SEMANTICA with Cipher’s Knowledge.Works and Knowledge.Hub to mitigate the competitive intelligence and due-diligence challenges encountered in the arena of energy, healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing.

The partnership further acts as a reflection of evolving need for competitive intelligence tool where companies rely upon technology to learn what's happening in the world outside the business—so that  one can be as competitive as possible.

Founded in 2001, Semantic Research stands distinguished owing to its ability to map rich interconnectedness between various elements. All along, the company’s deeper understanding about rapid synthesis, cognition and insights, empowers it to offer an intuitive, graphical environment for data fusion, natural language processing and analysis. As such, the company’s enterprise-class solution SEMANTICA empowers local, state, and federal agencies to save lives, prevent criminal activities, and protect critical infrastructure by utilizing a semantic network comprised of entities and relationships. This graph based model helps decisions makers to construct, analyze, understand and make effective use of data.  

On the other hand, Cipher Systems provides CI (Competitive Intelligence) and Strategy Consulting, Market Analysis, Primary Research, Counter-CI and Executive Training to Fortune 500 companies across a broad range of industries. 

“Our customers need to completely comprehend their business environments to take smart decisions," said Peter Grimm, Managing Director of Cipher. "SRI's innovation and methodology expands on our current capacities to assist organizations looking to better comprehend their rivals' system, target key client sections, or analyze potential obtaining applicants.”

“We've generally realized that the technology we created to support basic national security missions will resolve complex difficulties in the business world also," said Chip Harrison, CEO of Semantic Research. “Cipher’s profound customer connections and broad involvement in business focused insight makes them an ideal accomplice to help us enter the business market.”