SensorInsight Introduces New IIoT Packages Stretching Across Four Industry Verticals

By CIOReview | Monday, February 8, 2016

HOUSTON, TX: SensorInsight, an Industrial (IIoT) solutions provider for sophisticated data environments has announced the launch of four new vertical industry packages. These four new avenues comprise of Energy and Utilities, Environmental Monitoring, Manufacturing, and Transportation and the packages are aimed at helping organizations integrate, display and perform detailed analysis of data from multiple sources. The packages prove to be more than effective by allowing users to compare current and historic data patterns, as well as receive real-time alerts and notifications. Furthermore, users can trigger automated workflow and corrective actions based on industry-specific data.

The platform provides complete access to an organization’s existing or new data, by utilizing deep analytics. Users are facilitated with the option of viewing data from across the entire platform and receive data analysis, forecasts, and trend analysis. The platform enables users to manage operational dashboards, custom alerts and KPI capability, while also securing decision management support. It addresses the needs of specific industries by building a homogeneous layer above operational systems. This in turn allows users to respond to changes in real-time and gain new insights.

The SensorInsight industry package for energy and utilities aims at increasing efficiency and returns by optimizing operations. All the regulatory documents and computer programs used for inventory tracking and report generation are streamlined and automated by utilizing custom built tools. It’s a tailored solution to optimize valuable employee time and decrease overhead expenses for oil and gas companies.

Due to the rising concern for environmental monitoring, SensorInsight surfaces this context with a specific package for detecting emission from factories, farms or hatcheries and helping maintain the regulatory and safety standards. It also measures and reports on Air Quality Index (AQI) and ensures the air quality to fall within standard parameters. Apart from these, tracking of dust, noise, and light levels in a factory and measuring harmful emissions from industries are other add-ons to the package.

SensorInsight’s platform provides dedicated service towards realizing the Industrial IoT integration. Their solutions enable manufacturing businesses to gain deeper insight into the operations and improve productivity of workers. Industrial process monitoring and tracking is a common practice which ensures quality control of production environments to reduce loss of goods and improve health and safety for workers and the general public.

SensorSight’s Smart Transportation and Parking kit is orchestrated for traffic management and planning. It improves accuracy of travel times and safety is improved several-folds by proper tracking of the roads for accidents, congestion, and construction. It helps people associated with logistics to optimize their delivery schedules and routes, implicating reduction in costs. Furthermore, the package can integrate with any existing parking payment system, paving an easy way for drivers to make payment and business owners to audit payment compliance.