Sensys Networks Partners with Verizon to Provide ITMS

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 23, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Say Goodbye to your traffic wows as Sensys Networks, a leading wireless technology company has partnered with Verizon Communications Inc. to provide Intelligent Traffic Management Service that will further improve the way people travel through the cities.

Now made Available in U.S., the Intelligent Traffic Management Service along with Verizona’s network will provide public agencies an integrated solution coupled with wireless sensor networks for high-resolution, 24/7 data for signal optimization, congestion mitigation, performance reporting secure communication and also secure hosting on the Verizon cloud.

With over 300,000 signalized intersections in the U.S., Traffic Management Service is devised to betterment the traffic issues in the country by improve traffic flow, reduce delay, greenhouse gas emission and fuel consumption. Furthermore, the software also offers a wide array of cloud-based applications to help agencies understand their underperforming corridors and further improve the traffic wows in a proven manner.

“We believe Software as a Service allows agencies to focus on customer service rather than procuring, installing and maintaining disparate equipment from multiple vendors,” says Amine Haoui, CEO of Sensys Networks. “This model greatly reduces inefficiencies that are the byproduct of a complex procurement model, while delivering the most actionable data in the history of ITS.”

With Sensys Networks’ SNAPS software the agencies will further get access to statistical details that include, turn movements, volume-to-capacity ratios, traffic signal coordination effectiveness, Vehicle Miles Traveled and many more.

Set to be delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS), the Traffic Management Service will be the first of its kind service that will be introduced for the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) industry in the U.S.