Serro AuSM Augments SDN as a Network Infrastructure Solution
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Serro AuSM Augments SDN as a Network Infrastructure Solution

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 22, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Serro unlocked  its new network solution -  Serro AuSM, a combination of network infrastructure solution and a powerful SDN framework that delivers end to end coordination to large amount of Open-source tools including  infrastructure (physical & virtual) components that enhances deployments, and maximizes value of SDN and  NFV towards a software defined business.

“We've already deployed AuSM selectively in a few projects, notably with security firm Nexusguard, and are now offering it as a free open source tool. We've put quite a bit of development into this tool, continuously improving with each deployment," says Ed Lombera, Vice President of Engineering, Serro.

The company provides advanced network infrastructure solutions globally to enable customer’s business growth by ten key procedures. The procedures  relies on Serro’s designing approaches such as Project Plan, Discovery, Architecture;  whereas its implementation approaches includes Validation, Migration, Implementation, Customer Training, Deployment, Support and OPS, and Close-Out.

In a recent article at TechTarget, Eamon McCarthy Earls inks that the Serro solution’s open source SDN framework integrates network hardware and software resources into a single interface by supplying greater network services that includes control and identification on SDN deployment. The solution helps companies to expand their business growth cost effectively by increasing uptime which accelerates network performances and improves flexibility. Serro’s AuSM solution manages and optimizes the existing resources by defining rules and policies to increase efficiencies in multiple dimensions. The modular framework leads various software and open source technologies to work together as one in a single cohesive implementation.

Various industries such as data center-to-satellite communications, ISPs, MSSPs, including a DDoS mitigation service provider are using the solution. It includes policy manager, business intelligence, and action manager; and also downloadable as a free community tool. It merges other Element Management Systems (EMS) / monitoring systems and offers the necessary components which are essential to make a SDN platform more powerful.