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Serve Customers Not Pests!

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Summer is the best time to go out of the house and soak up some sun, but unfortunately it is also the perfect time for the pests to come to the surface in search for food. Pests are not just considered as a nuisance, they are deadly as well since they have the ability to pose serious health risks to customers and employees.

FREMONT, CA: The three significant factors that can attract pests are food, water, and shelter, which are available in abundance in restaurants, diners, and other food venues. As soon as summer begins, the staff has to play a significant role in running the integrated pest management (IPM) program. Employees can be the first line of defense for the pests; therefore, it is essential to recruit a team that can assist in implementing the bug control plan.

Employee training is an efficient way to ensure that the entire team is on the same page and up to speed concerning the IPM program and other pest control practices. An employee’s trained eye can help the pest control provider to figure out the potential nuisance spots and reduce the probabilities of the recurrence.

It is incredibly critical to educate the employees on and about the IPM program to make sure they get a better understanding of how pests can enter the place and spread across. Different pest control providers tend to offer free employee training sessions, encouraging them to interact and ask questions during the about on-site training.

There are always some regular places favored by pests, which require constant monitoring:

Drains: The areas filled with damp or wet contains can attract the pests like flies and should be instantly cleaned to lower the risk of an infestation.

Cabinets: Pests such as cockroaches can generally be found in dark, sheltered spaces like cabinets and if there are tiny, pepper-like droppings anywhere, suggests the presence of the bug.

Within Appliances: To find shelter pests target the appliances used in the restaurant that offers plenty of shelter and protection for them. It is necessary to clear the clutter under as well as behind the devices and check for any indication of pest.

Employees can take initiations such as capturing the pest or clicking a picture to check with the experts about its effects and also maintain logs to know about the seasons whenever they are appearing. They can contact the management team to call for a pest control provider in cases where there is an extreme issue and be persistent in maintaining it year-round.