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Serverless Technology and Multi-Cloud Application Resolution to Power Cloud Adoption

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 6, 2019

u-blox chose ThingLogix for a complete serverless internet of things communication module platform.

FREMONT, CA: ThingLogix joins with u-blox to create solutions that allow u-blox user community to economically manage and secure u-blox assets at scale. ThingLogix provides IoT solutions, solution components, and services to users allowing them to deploy business solutions on cloud platforms without spending time on heavy coding.

ThingLogix Foundry, is an internet of things and No-Code Application Development Platform solution that delivers a secure and mature service ensuring customers with enhanced subscription FOTA, and device management for 4G LTE and 5G ready u-blox communication modules.

The Swizz-based u-blox is known for creating wireless semiconductors and modules for consumers, automotive and industrial markets. ThingLogix will provide an integrated platform that enhances the experience for the u-blox community, manufacturers, and end-users. Devices will sent firmware over the air firmware data using Light Weight M2M (LWM2M) protocol, which then ThingLogix Foundary converts and consumes through AWS internet of things.

“Choosing ThingLogix Foundary benefit u-blox dramatically by reducing the effort and cost needed to implement and run a management solution on a cloud platform,” quoted Kelly C. Powell, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at ThingLogix.

Foundry provides customers with services and solutions like easy installation of AWS Environment through CloudFormation, complete out of the box Asset management capabilities, strong reporting, visualization, and Artificial intelligence/machine learning capabilities. Foundry also offers a flexible, extensible, and customizable platform, and out-of-box integration tools.

u-blox with ThingLogix Foundry implement a wide range of multiple verticals to provide users with services, needed to enhance the growth of business ideas to market.

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