Serverless Technology Overtakes Cloud Computing
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Serverless Technology Overtakes Cloud Computing

By CIOReview | Friday, March 29, 2019

The world was introduced to the concept of serverless computing when Amazon launched the first ever serverless platform. Serverless computing is a tech innovation, which has been reforming the business processes. Transforming the workflow and operations of the business actors serverless computing is now embraced by many major industries. Serverless technology is an approach which employs momentary computing energy, which serves the purpose and disappears later. Substituting the virtual systems this serverless fleeting power depends on the action request that is sent by the host.

Serverless computing involves servers! This technology is based on minimal use of servers. Unlike traditional cloud technology, serverless computing does not have to run the host application continuously. Applications are run only upon the user request, and the servers are no more involved in the process after the completion of the application process, thereby reducing resource utilization. As there is no groundwork needed for the initiation of the communication, serverless computing results in high-speed processing compared to that of the cloud.

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Bettering the work environment serverless technology makes use of the tools such as containers and routines, which offer developer-friendly options to create, modify, manage and maintain applications in a secured fashion. As an advantage of serverless computing, the developed systems can be altered as per requirements quickly and efficiently. Reduced complexity, high-speed processing and enhanced security highlight the services offered by this computing technique. Cost efficiency adds to the benefits provided by serverless technology.

Serverless technology offers increased flexibility. Eliminating the configuration complexities such as establishing the host infrastructure, etc., the serverless technique helps the business professionals to focus entirely on building developmental strategies and framing better business logic. Serverless technology helps in developing both simple and compound systems, which can be both SaaS-based and PaaS-based. By adopting serverless computing, organizations can essentially achieve higher targets and performance levels.

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