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Service Management beyond than IT

By CIOReview | Friday, June 1, 2018

Enterprises are expanding the agenda of reaching out to the target audience via the digital medium. However, information technology (IT) veterans suggest a change in the approach—to go back to the IT basics—in order to cope up with the complexity of procedures and the other factors in the modern IT space. Needless to say, IT organizations must consider the base of all technological advancements—implementation of a foolproof IT service management strategy (ITSM), which will consequently drive improved customer satisfaction, operational excellence along with agile methodologies.

To sum it up, service management consists of an accumulation of methodologies and capabilities, which are used by IT organizations in order to strategize, build, deliver, and provide assurance to the customers in respect to both the external or internal products and solutions. This includes every activity in the IT organizations, involving networks, data, connectivity as well as applications. As per experts, the concept of a rock-solid service management platform had evolved years back, but it only materialized during the 1990s. The version was a formal setting during the establishment of the IT Infrastructure Library or the ITIL, which functioned on the basis of standards and modeled frameworks. Although the ITIL still presides over the frameworks, the idea has evolved over the years in the digital forefront, which has evidently made IT service management more complex.

Most interestingly, the service providers who were considered ahead of their time in terms of their products and solutions are now outdated because of the constant change in the methodologies adopted in the current times—the products designed for IT service management are more agile, which have already led the customers to expect more from the service providing organizations.