Serviceaide Acquires Wendia and Expands its Offerings
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Serviceaide Acquires Wendia and Expands its Offerings

By CIOReview | Friday, December 4, 2020

The partnership will create robust new offerings and capabilities for clients seeking to modernize, restructure, and automate how they deliver and administer a range of service and support functions. 

FREMONT, CA: Serviceaide, a leader in intelligent IT and enterprise service management solutions, recently announced the acquisition of Wendia, a provider of demonstrated and robust enterprise service management solutions to businesses worldwide.

A leader and pioneer in Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven service management, Serviceaide provides enterprises worldwide the Luma Digital Service Management Suite.  Luma comprises a Virtual Agent, a breakthrough intelligent chatbot and service automation platform that leverages AI, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to engage customers and users 24x7.  Digital conversations present a means to resolve many support requirements without human intervention and dramatically hasten the process of solving service requests and issues through automation and knowledge management. The business launched the Luma 2.X series in the Spring, a new architecture that sets the stage for integrating deeper, more robust automation and knowledge management and dissemination abilities.

“By combining the capabilities, expertise and solutions of Serviceaide and Wendia, we offer business and governmental organizations exciting new opportunities to cost-efficiently modernize the delivery of services and knowledge across their enterprises, creating new levels of service and support,” said Wai Wong, President, and CEO, Serviceaide. “Our combined offerings will help our customers realize greater return on investment, time to value and time to resolution across a wide range of business needs.”

Wendia is the producer of POB (Point of Business), a customer acclaimed enterprise service management solution with large and medium-scale enterprise customers throughout Europe and North America.“Wendias global customer base will benefit tremendously from this combination in terms of continued support and development of our product line and faster innovation in critical technology areas like artificial intelligence, knowledge management and process automation,” said Kevin Goertzen, CEO, Wendia North America. “Serviceaide’s management team has an extensive history in IT and enterprise service management. Luma Virtual Agent technology coupled with POB will deliver another level of service and support.”

“Our number one goal is to support our customers success,” said Wong. “Long term, we will deliver significant additional value by combining the best of POB and ISM with no or minimal disruptions to our customers operations.”

Serviceaide continues to progress a powerful solution across its current and new products.  With a modular architecture for flexible deployments and open integration, firms can deliver extraordinary, intelligent service and help that suit their business models and needs.